Revolving Sushi, Sushi Daidokoro-Ya in Shibuya


posted on September 29, 2015

Fresh sushi is from 120 yen. Don't miss their 500yen sushi bowl lunch.

Sushi Daidokoro-ya is revolving sushi (kaiten zushi) bar in Shibuya. The sushi at kaiten zushi restaurants are on plates that sit on a rotating conveyor belt that run through the restaurant and by every table and counter seat. Daidokoro-ya also serves
reasonable fish bowls for lunch time.

Lunch from 500 Yen

Special Fish bowls are offered at lunch time from 500 yen. It comes with soup.

Sushi Plate from 120 yen

One plate, two pieces of sushi, is from 120 yen.

Tuna, medium-fatty tuna, and fatty tuna plate for 550 yen.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thur; Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Dinner 2:30pm-5:30am
Fri&Sat; 11am-6pm
Sun&Holidays; 11am-11pm

Lunch Dinner Address
¥500~ ¥760~ 2-15-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
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