Uniqlo operator to unify management of global workforce

posted on November 3, 2015

The company behind the Uniqlo clothing brand soon will adopt a personnel management system covering all 90,000 employees worldwide from store staff to managers at headquarters, improving flexibility by making it easier to reassign highly capable workers across borders.

Fast Retailing's move is unusual for a Japanese retailer. Domestic manufacturers that operate overseas, such as Hitachi, already use human resources standards that are shared across sites globally.

The new system will manage extensive information about employees including their work history, evaluations and desired career path.

For example, local employees have gained experience and risen through the ranks to management positions in China, a market that Fast Retailing entered more than a decade ago, but only the local unit knows their skill sets and whether they wish to work in other countries. The new system will let workers in China be selected and transferred to markets where the company is expanding operations, such as Southeast Asia and the U.S. Making this employee information more visible also is expected to help cultivate future executives.

source by nikkei
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