Tsunoshima Bridge in Yamaguchi picked No. 1 in Japan

posted on December 21, 2015

Offering spectacular views and the setting for TV commercials and other productions, Tsunoshima Bridge was selected the top bridge in Japan by one of the world's largest travel review websites.

TripAdvisor, based in Massachusetts, said it calculated its "Japan bridge rankings" using such information as the number of reviews and assessments written in Japanese and posted between October 2014 and September 2015.

One review said of Tsunoshima Bridge: "The sea I found was so beautiful that I wouldn't have expected it in Honshu. Now I see why they say the scenery is so stunning. The color of the sea changes as the clouds move, so I recommend you stay for an hour or so."

The 1,780-meter bridge is a prefectural road and connects the Kanda neighborhood of Shimonoseki's Hohokucho area with the island of Tsunoshima.

It is one of the longest toll-free bridges in Japan, and it opened in 2000.

The bridge crosses a sea of cobalt blue and makes a smooth arc around Hatoshima island. It is particularly popular as a location for car commercials.

source by asahi
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