Tokyo again ranked 4th on top world city list

posted on October 15, 2015

A private think tank has ranked Tokyo 4th on its Global Power City Index for the 8th straight year.

The Tokyo-based Institute for Urban Strategies at the Mori Memorial Foundation does an annual evaluation of 40 major cities worldwide. It ranks them in such areas as the economy, cultural interaction and accessibility.

Its latest report places London at the top of the list for the 4th year in a row, followed by New York and Paris.

It says Japan's capital lags far behind London in terms of cultural interaction, although a record 8.8 million foreign tourists visited Tokyo last year. That's still only about half the foreign visitors London sees.

Tokyo also trails far behind London in accessibility. London can be reached by direct flight from over three times as many cities as Tokyo can.

The institute says overall London increased its lead over Tokyo in the past year.

Tokyo is aiming to become the world's top city before it hosts the Olympics and Paralympics in 2020.

source by NHK world
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