Sony to open new Ginza store

posted on September 25, 2016

Sony Corp. will on Saturday open the doors to its new store in Tokyo's bustling Ginza district.

After closing its flagship store in the Sony Building last month to make way for a rebuild, the new store forms part of the newly completed Ginza Place, which opens the same day.

Speaking at a media preview on Friday, Hiroshi Kawano, who heads Sony’s marketing division, said: “We’d like to provide opportunities to our customers to experience our products.”

“This kind of place where we can communicate with customers and promote our brand and products is important to us.”

The three-story store showcases a range of Sony products including cameras, Walkmans, TVs and PlayStations.

It also features products that can only be seen at the new store, such as a 100-inch 4K TV and 4K projector.

source by japantimes
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