Opinions divided in Japan over life with dementia

posted on October 25, 2015

Japanese people have divided opinions about where they want to live if they suffer dementia, a survey by the Cabinet Office unveiled Friday.

The survey found that 47.7 pct of respondents said they want to live at nursing facilities if they became dementia sufferers, while 43.7 pct said that they want to keep living in their local communities.

It was the first public opinion poll on dementia by the government. With respondents allowed to give multiple answers to a question about concerns about suffering dementia, 74.9 pct cited physical and mental burdens that may impose on family members.

The survey showed that 56.8 pct are afraid of being unable to do shopping, cooking and driving, while 56.5 pct said that they are worried about causing trouble to others.

source by jiji
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