Chiba OK'd as zone for drone deliveries

posted on December 16, 2015

A government panel decided Tuesday to designate the city of Chiba as a special zone for drones to deliver daily necessities.

Chiba, which proposed the drone delivery plan, will be included in a national strategic special zone encompassing the Tokyo metropolitan area. The panel, an advisory council on national strategic special zones, is chaired by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

A plan entailing specific measures to ease related regulations will be discussed in zone meetings. The plan will be implemented if approved by the government.

The government aims to commercialize drone delivery within three years, and will consider the proposal by Chiba positively.

The revised aviation law, which took effect on Dec. 10, bans drones from flying over areas 30 meters or less from people and buildings, and at altitudes of 150 meters or higher in principle.

source by the-japan-news
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