My Number poses dilemma for bar hostesses, others moonlighting after work

posted on October 3, 2015

A dirty little secret of one Japanese "office lady" stereotype is that some women, dissatisfied with their clerical salaries, augment their earnings by moonlighting as bar hostesses.

The second job is not necessarily one they want revealed - carrying, as it does, images of ladies of the night in flashy dresses and makeup, entertaining salarymen with lascivious lights in their eyes.

But the upcoming introduction of the 12-digit My Number identification code assigned to all residents in Japan threatens to expose their nocturnal identity. Tax professionals say it may force some to consider abandoning their second job, often the more lucrative.

My Number will "first of all make incomes transparent for the tax authorities," said Manabu Kondo, a tax accountant and author based in Kizugawa, Kyoto Prefecture. "Until now, the government may have been able to identify names of bar operators (for tax purposes), but it has had difficulty identifying individuals working for them."

Tax professionals think many of the moonlighting hostesses evade taxes on their secondary earnings, often because they are unaware they are required to file tax returns for their second job.

Tax offices would not bother to track these individuals because of the difficulty of identifying hostesses who use false names, and employers who pay them in cash and employ other tricks to hide transactions, the professionals point out.

In the case of someone working for three employers, My Number can help authorities track all three income sources, Kondo said.

source by newsonjapan
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