My Number law now in effect and notifications are set to be sent out

posted on October 5, 2015

With the My Number law taking effect Monday, the government kicks off the controversial personal identification system to unify the administration of every resident's state services and records, and will start sending numbers out to tens of thousands of households.

The numbers, which take effect in January to be used to enhance the efficiency of administrative services including taxation and the provision of social welfare benefits, are expected to reach some 55 million households on a tsuchi kaado (notification card) bearing 12 digits through registered mail between mid-October and the end of November.

Preparations for the My Number system have been years in the making and have faced strong public resistance. The government faces strong pressure to handle the numbers carefully amid concerns that personal information could be leaked via use of the ID numbers.

In response to criticism that local governments and businesses are behind in work to introduce the numbers and that the central government has not provided residents with sufficient information, the government will organize Monday a meeting of ministry officials tasked with pursuing measures to ensure better understanding of the new system.

Passed in 2013, the My Number law initially establishes links between separate personal information on taxation, social security and disaster relief benefits held at the the central and local governments. The numbers are expected to help authorities combat tax evasion and illicit receipt of benefits, as well as simplify procedures for users of these governmental services.

The government will start linking My Numbers to individual bank accounts, initially with the permission of account holders, to help keep track of the assets of individuals for taxation purposes. It also hopes to make the linkage mandatory.

source by newsonjapan
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