Big, long-lasting tremor may hit 3 Japan metropolitan areas in Nankai quake

posted on December 18, 2015

A large-scale and long-lasting tremor would likely cause skyscrapers in coastal districts of Japan's three major metropolitan areas to sway violently in the event of a massive earthquake originating in the Nankai Trough off Japan's Pacific coast, a government report indicated Thursday.

According to the report by a Cabinet Office panel that estimates the impact of so-called long-period ground motion on higher-level floors of skyscrapers, coastal districts with soft ground in the metropolitan areas in and around Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka are particularly vulnerable to such tremors from the Nankai Trough quake.

There is a low risk of buildings collapsing, but people may be injured in falls or trapped in elevators, while ceilings could cave in, the report said. In areas near the earthquake epicenter, tsunami could happen, and the collapse of wooden houses and fires are highly likely to occur simultaneously, it said.

The panel called on management companies and tenants of buildings to take countermeasures based on the assumption that emergency rescue and firefighting forces would not be available.

source by jiji
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