Luxury train begins second phase of service in Nagasaki

posted on November 2, 2015

A luxury train dubbed Aru Ressha ("a certain train") and operated by Kyushu Railway Co. began the second phase of its service in Kyushu on Sunday.

The elegant gold- and black-colored train, officially titled JR Kyushu Sweet Train, will make round-trip runs mostly on weekends between Sasebo and Nagasaki stations in Nagasaki Prefecture.

The "sweet" in the train's name makes reference to French-inspired confections that are served during the journey and produced by chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, the recipient of two Michelin stars for his restaurant in Tokyo's Minami-Aoyama.

The service in Nagasaki will be offered until the end of March 2016, with one-way trips starting at 20,000 yen ($166).

source by japantimes
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