London mayor flattens young Japanese rugby fan

posted on October 16, 2015

He was described by a British columnist earlier this month as the "albino warthog"-a name London Mayor Boris Johnson fully lived up to in Tokyo Thursday when he flattened a 10-year-old rugby fan.

The famously eccentric British politician, renowned for his flop of blond hair and off the cuff remarks, was showing off his ball "skills" to a group of schoolchildren during a three-day visit to the Japanese capital.

Video footage showed the lumbering mayor-dressed in a white shirt and tie, his sleeves rolled up-running down the side of a small pitch chased by children.

One particularly brave boy stood his ground only to be floored by the mayor's considerable bulk, sending both parties tumbling to the ground much to the merriment of the gathered press and spectators.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Johnson could be heard asking the boy who nodded and then shook the mayor's hand.

"We have just played a game of street rugby with a bunch of kids and I accidentally flattened a 10-year-old, on TV unfortunately," Johnson told reporters after the match according to British media.

source by newsonjapan
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