Tourism set for further lift with airline fee exemption

posted on December 20, 2015

The booming tourism industry is set to be bolstered further with an incentive program for airlines encouraging them to introduce new routes to Japan.

The transport ministry will exempt airlines from landing fees at central government-operated airports for new international routes or additional flights to existing routes.

The fee will be waived for the flights' first year of service beginning in the fiscal year starting April.

The move will also stimulate competition for airline business between central and local government-operated airports.

Currently, whenever a mid-sized Boeing 767-300 jet on an international flight lands at one of the 15 central government-operated airports, the airline in question must pay a landing fee of 176,330 yen ($1,450) to the central government.

Under the new program, if the local government covers half of that landing fee, the central government will exempt the remainder.

Local governments will be allowed to not only pay for half of that landing fee, but can also support airlines directly up to the same amount.

source by asahi
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