Kyoto's Rurikoin Temple to offer stunning views of autumn leaves for a limited time next month

posted on October 27, 2015

Tourists flock to Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto during the cherry blossom-viewing days of spring, but equally stunning are the sights of brilliantly colored autumn leaves amidst ancient structures that have remained undisturbed for hundreds of years.

One particular temple, Rurikoin, stands on the edge of the city and is a paradise for photographers during the autumn months, as well as visitors who didn't even know they had an artistic side yet spend hours playing with different lighting effects there. While Rurikoin is not always open for general admission from year to year, we're in luck because this year the building will indeed open its doors for the span of one short month.

Located on the outskirts of Kyoto is Rurikoin (瑠璃光院), a Buddhist temple which only opens to the public for very limited time periods in the spring and autumn months, if at all, during any given year. It's said that once you see the color-changing autumn leaves at Rurikoin, you won't need to see them anywhere else-perfectly encapsulating the temple's leaves' nickname of 幻の紅葉 ("illusionary autumn leaves").

Mark your calendars because this year, Rurikoin will be open for public viewing from Sunday, November 1 through Monday, November 30.

source by rocketnews24
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