Japanese wives' savings fall, but still double that of their husbands

posted on November 19, 2015

Money secretly saved by Japanese wives exceeds that of their husbands by about twofold, but is down significantly from a year earlier when they were saving three times as much, a survey by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. showed Wednesday.

According to the online survey, conducted Oct. 8-14, the average amount of secret savings by wives fell some 390,000 yen to 1,268,446 yen while that of husbands increased some 20,000 yen to 589,058 yen.

The survey, compiled from answers by 1,600 married men and women aged 20 to 79, were carried out ahead of Sunday’s “Good Couple Day” in Japan.

Savings by one member of a married couple concealed from the other is called hesokuri in Japanese, and is often talked about in a humorous light.

A Meiji Yasuda Life spokesman said that while money saved in secret by husbands grew thanks to wage hikes, that by wives fell due to higher food and daily goods prices as they often managed household spending.

source by japantimes
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