Japan to keep taxes on beer, quasi-beer unchanged

posted on November 29, 2015

The Japanese government and ruling coalition decided Friday to forego reform of taxes on beer and beer-like beverages in fiscal 2016 starting in April next year.

Taxes on beer and quasi-beer vary much, depending on malt content, ingredients and production methods. Currently, a tax of 77 yen per 350 milliliters is imposed on beer, 47 yen on "happoshu" quasi-beer with low malt content and 28 yen on "third-segment" beer-like beverages with little or no malt content.

The government and the ruling camp had considered diminishing the tax gaps in stages and introducing the uniform rate of around 55 yen in the future.

But they eventually decided to refrain from changing the existing beer tax regime for now, finding it necessary to take time to win consent from the industry and consumers, informed said, adding discussions on the new tax rates are likely to take place as part of work to overhaul Japan's taxation systems for fiscal 2017.

source by jiji
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