Japan's crazy desert revealed: Tottori sand dune adventure

posted on August 29, 2016

Yes, Japan has a desert compete with camels, sane dunes and ... a world class art museum with sand sculptures! This time, John heads to this barren wasteland devoid of vending machines for a taste of the Sahara - in Japan.

100,000 years ago, this area turned into a desert because sand flew in from the sea accumulating over many millennia. The result is a 16 km by 2 km wide desert that was growing until about 50 years ago when the city residents decided enough was enough.

MORE HISTORY: After World War 2, a barricade was built to prevent tsunami and residents planted trees to stop the desertification. Now the desert area is shrinking and because of its uniqueness and lure for domestic and international tourism, the residents no longer want to stop it. In fact, 6000 volunteers in 2015 come out every few months to put pull out the vegetation all in the name of ecology!

History and problems aside, this place rocks!

50 meter high sand dunes overlook the beautiful Sea of Japan to the horizon.

source by ONLY in JAPAN
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