Honda gets US regulator's nod for selling jets

posted on December 12, 2015

The US subsidiary of Honda has received the go-ahead to deliver the Japanese automaker's first business jet to customers by the end of this month.

The US Federal Aviation Administration awarded Honda the airworthiness certificate on Tuesday following more than 3,000 hours of test flights.

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta presented the type certificate to officials at Honda Aircraft Company's facility in the southern state of North Carolina the following day. The certification allows the company to sell its HondaJet HA-420.

The seven-seater jet has drawn attention for its unique design, in which the engines are mounted over the wings.

Honda officials say the jet is 17 percent more fuel-efficient and 10 percent faster than the aircraft of rival makers.

The jet is priced at 4.5 million dollars. Officials say they've already received more than 100 orders, mostly from companies and wealthy individuals in the United States and Europe.

source by NHK
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