'Golden-Gai' uncovered

posted on December 12, 2015

"Imakoso Ikitai! Shinjuku Golden-gai" (literally, "Now is the time to go to Shinjuku Golden-gai!"), a guidebook on the Shinjuku Golden-gai area in Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, has been released by H14, Inc.

It features characteristics and specialties of distinctive Shinjuku Golden-gai bars and restaurants, an editor of the guidebook said. "Many Golden-gai shops these days have an atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable to come in. We want readers to know the attractive points of Golden-gai."

It is said that Shinjuku Golden-gai evolved from a black market that moved from near Shinjuku Station right after the end of World War II. It began being called "Golden-gai" around 1965. The area became a popular hangout for people in show business. Golden-gai is also famed for two of its habitues who won prestigious literary awards in 1976 - Kenji Nakagami for the Akutagawa Prize and Ryuzo Saki for the Naoki Prize.

Currently, about 280 restaurants are operating in Golden-gai, of which 218 are featured in the guidebook. They include "Toppu" (blast), which opened in 1958 and is operated by voice actor Hidekatsu Shibata, the oldest original owner of a Golden-gai shop. "Ichifu," which started up in 1988 and was named after a term used in the owner's hobby - shogi (Japanese chess) - is also listed in the guidebook.

source by the-japan-news
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