Festival of Ages held in Kyoto

posted on October 23, 2015

About 2,000 people in costumes from various Japanese historical periods have paraded through Kyoto.

The Jidai Matsuri, or Festival of the Ages, is one of the old Japanese capital's 3 largest festivals.

The event dates back to 1895, when it was held to celebrate the 1,100th year since the capital was transferred to Kyoto.

The procession on Thursday started at the Kyoto Imperial Palace and wound along a 4.5-kilometer course to the Heian Jingu Shrine.

Leading the parade were people dressed as soldiers and samurai warriors who toppled the feudal Tokugawa shogunate to make way for the Meiji Restoration about 150 years ago.

A 16th-century warlord on horseback and late-10th-to-early-11th-century court ladies in beautiful 12-layer ceremonial kimonos followed.

source by newsonjapan
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