First exhibition of ancient tomb's golden star map now open

posted on November 3, 2015

ASUKA, Nara Prefecture--For the first time, the public can view the golden star map on the ancient Takamatsuzuka burial mound's ceiling at an exhibition that runs through Nov. 8.

A designated national treasure, "Seishuku-zu," an ancient Chinese constellation chart, features gold disks each measuring about 0.8 centimeter in diameter and connected by red lines.

The map was discovered on the two pieces of stone comprising the ceiling of the Takamatsuzuka, a special historic site, which dates to the late seventh century to early eighth century.

The exhibition started Oct. 31 at a restoration facility in the village of Asuka. As the richly colored mural paintings were found to have deteriorated due to mold in 2004, the site's stone chamber was dismantled three years later. Restoration work has since been carried out. The murals are designated a national treasure.

source by asahi
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