Japan develops numbering system for expressway system

posted on September 11, 2016

A transport ministry panel has drafted a numbering system for the Japanese expressway system so even foreign drivers will be able to understand it.

The ministry plans to introduce the system ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after soliciting public opinion. Under the system, expressways will be given the same numbers as the national routes running alongside them, in principle, except that they will be preceded by the letter E for expressway.

The Tomei Expressway, which basically runs parallel to National Route 1, will be numbered E1, for example. Similarly, the Sanyo Expressway will be numbered E2 and the Kyushu Expressway E3. The circular Tokyo Gaikan Expressway would be numbered C3.

The ministry will start adding the numbers to expressway signs next year, starting with expressway sections around Olympic facilities, tourist spots and airports.

source by japantimes
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