Living Christmas tree starts "Uber Illumination" service from Tokyo

posted on December 21, 2015

Those in downtown Tokyo may have seen a Christmas tree running wild in the streets. Fear not! It's just Joseph Tame and his Christmas tree dispatch service!

Dubbed "The World's First Wearable On-Demand Illuminated Christmas Tree Service" or the less descriptive but more compact "Uber for Illuminations," this is a new business venture by inventor-artist-runner Joseph Tame.

Some of you may remember Tame as the marathon running "Glowing Man" seen on Tokyo subways last year. In an effort to raise awareness about physical fitness and put smiles on peoples faces, he could often be seen riding the rails decked out in meters of LED lights, pin wheels, and digital cameras.

This time, for the Uber for Illuminations service, Tame has much of the same gear but in a more festive arrangement and a full-length arrangement of pine branches.

source by rocketnews24
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