Christmas in Japan

posted on December 20, 2015

In many countries, Christmas is a time to spend with the family, but in Japan the holiday is associated with organized events. It is an especially important date night for singles, although friends may also meet up.

Christmas Eve is considered to be particularly romantic, and couples exchange gifts on a day many regard as just as important as their anniversaries and birthdays. As retailers make their Christmas push, restaurants prepare seasonal menus and top hotels plan expensive dinner shows featuring performances by famous artists. Needless to say, hotels and traditional ryokan inns are packed on Christmas Eve.

While turkey and ham are common Christmas dishes in the English-speaking world, Japanese families usually celebrate with chicken. Due to heavy demand, orders, including from fast food restaurants and supermarkets, are typically made several days in advance. Another essential food item is the Christmas cake, typically a light sponge cake covered with cream icing and eaten on Christmas Day. It is often topped with strawberries, chocolate, and sugar or marzipan decorations shaped like Santa Claus or Christmas trees. The rush to buy cakes means Christmas is a boom season for the sweets industry ranking alongside Valentine's Day and White Day.

source by nippon
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