Longest cable-suspended walkway offers breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji

posted on December 12, 2015

MISHIMA, Shizuoka Prefecture--The nation's longest cable-suspended pedestrian bridge is set to open to the public here on Dec. 14, offering breathtaking views of Mount Fuji, Suruga Bay and the peaks of the Izu Peninsula.

The Hakone-seiroku Mishima Grand Suspension Bridge, nicknamed "Mishima Sky Walk," cost 4 billion yen ($33 million) to construct.

The private-sector project is expected to create a new tourism attraction in the Sasahara-shinden district of Mishima. At its highest point, Mishima Sky Walk hovers 70.6 meters above the ground, offering spectacular vistas of the surrounding countryside.

The 400-meter overhead walkway is the nation's longest hanging pedestrian bridge, surpassing the Kokonoe "Yume" Grand Suspension Bridge in Kokonoe, Oita Prefecture, by 10 meters.

Mishima Sky Walk also boasts a width of 1.6 meters, which is wide enough to allow two wheelchairs to pass.

Construction of the span got under way in 2012 as a project funded by Fujiko Corp., a Mishima-based operator of amusement facilities and eating establishments. Fujiko will also open observations decks, a cafe and shops to sell local food delicacies and other products near the bridge.

The company hopes that the complex will draw 1.8 million visitors annually.

source by asahi
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