Japan looks to boost limo services for flashy foreign visitors

posted on September 13, 2016

Need a flashy ride? The transport ministry plans to develop the stretch limousine sector for wealthy foreign tourists, entertainers and fun-seekers.

The ministry will conduct a survey of foreign visitors, taxi operators and travel agencies to establish safety and quality standards for limousine services. The survey will take place next fiscal year and services meeting the new standards will become available from fiscal 2018.

Existing taxi services in Japan, including limousine services, are mainly for corporate customers on long-term contracts.

The ministry hopes to reflect in the limousine services the needs of wealthy tourists who want to travel in style from the airport, for example, the sources said.

The survey will gauge demand for limousines among foreign tourists. It will also ask what they expect, ranging from foreign-language abilities of drivers to smartphone ride-hailing apps and in-car Wi-Fi.

source by japantimes
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