Bathing monkeys in Central Japan draw foreign travelers

posted on December 29, 2015

Japanese macaque monkeys that bathe and relax in hot springs at the Jigokudani Yaen-Koen park in central Japan are drawing the attention of foreign travelers.

After the monkeys were featured in online videos and other media, the number of foreign visitors to the park in the town of Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture, has increased sharply in the past few years.

The park, which opened in 1964, is located in Jigokudani valley at an altitude of 850 meters and near a mountain stream flowing from the Shiga-kogen Highlands area. Surrounded by steep cliffs, the area is covered with snow for about one-third of the year.

With no fences or cages in the park, visitors can watch wild monkeys at close quarters.

source by jiji
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