Parents are squishing their babies' faces and sharing photos

posted on December 14, 2015

A humble Japanese side dish has inspired parents to squash their babies' faces in a bizarre trend which is sweeping Instagram.

Rice balls, which are a triangular-shaped accompaniment to many meals in the country, have been elevated to international meme status - and the results are adorable.

When one father Masahiro Ehara from Tokyo squished his baby's face with his hands and posted it to the social media site, the hashtag #RiceBallBaby was born.

Now the meme is inspiring people to do the same - placing their thumbs under a baby's chin and using their palms to squash their baby's face into a shape that apparently resembles a traditional triangular rice ball.

Parents all over the globe have been posting their own #RiceBallBabies, using their children's faces - although not all of their young subjects appear happy about it.

source by dailymail
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