Asahi Kasei to check piles at 3,000 condos

posted on October 16, 2015

A major Japanese chemicals manufacturing firm says it will check data on about 3,000 condominium buildings in the country after finding false data on piling work in reports by one of its subsidiaries at a condo building in Yokohama.

Asahi Kasei Corporation said it has discovered its subsidiary Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corporation reported falsified data on piling work for the 11-story condominium building.

The problem surfaced on Wednesday after a resident noticed last year that the building was tilting.

It has been found that 8 of the 52 piles that support the building were not attached to bedrock.

Yokohama City authorities have begun an official investigation based on suspected violations of the Buildings Standards Law.

Asahi Kasei says it found that the subsidiary used data from buildings built earlier.

source by NHK world
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