Adrenaline-pumping experiences popular in Tokyo

posted on October 27, 2015

Facilities offering thrilling experiences are all the rage in Tokyo: Take in the view of surrounding high-rise condos before diving off a platform with no lifeline, glide through the air on a zip wire high above the ground, or try racing a Formula One car in a professional simulator.

Opened three years ago in Tokyo's Akasaka district, Tokyo Virtual Circuit is a simulator for professional race car drivers that anyone can try as long as they pay the admission fee. The cockpit is exactly like that of an actual racing car, and videos shot from the racing driver's seat on circuits around the world are projected onto an enormous seven-meter-wide screen. It truly makes you feel like a pro racer.

Tokyo Virtual Circuit is a specialized facility for drivers associated with racing teams, such as those belonging to Toyota and Nissan. Recently, however, suit-clad businessmen have started appearing at the simulator.

"I'm hungry for the sensation of stepping on the gas pedal," said Koichi Nakamura, a 45-year-old company employee living in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward. He had to give up his car after being transferred from Kyoto to Tokyo, and he visits the facility once a week.

After getting the chance to try it myself, I stepped on the gas. The scene that was before my eyes a moment ago immediately flew behind me, causing a slight state of panic. Before I knew it, I had slammed into a corner.

Many people who use the simulator become sick because their vision cannot keep up with the sheer sense of speed. I was told that elderly visitors are advised to take motion sickness medication before getting behind the wheel.

source by japantimes
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