A lot riding on Japan Post listings

posted on November 1, 2015

Japan Post Holdings, Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance are to list Nov. 4 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. While the companies hope their shares will perform well, the truth is that the group has some problems.

Among them is that fewer people use the mail these days. Another is that revenue from the group's financial services haven't been so hot, either.

These concerns may affect investor appetite for the shares -- and make for a less-than-rosy future.

The Japan Post Group's biggest challenge is to revitalize the Japan Post Co. -- the service that carries letters and packages. The business has been struggling for years with negative earnings.

This unit will remain unlisted, and the government will continue to have a strong say in it.

Chikashi Isayama, vice president of Japan Post Co., was in Melbourne, Australia, on Oct. 30 to visit a logistics center of Toll Holdings, which the Japanese mail service acquired in May. "The new business will help strengthen the group's operations," Isayama said.

Taizo Nishimuro, president and CEO of Japan Post Holdings, expects the acquisition to help build a revenue base for international logistics services. He then sees Japan Post Co. becoming profitable by fiscal 2017.

source by nikkei
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