Beef bowl chain Yoshinoya's historic first store to close; special countdown site launched

posted on June 6, 2016

Yoshinoya's very first store in Tsukiji will be closing later this year, and their tribute website offers plenty of nostalgic content, including some awesome videos.

If you've spent some time in Japan, chances are you've at least seen or had a meal at one of Yoshinoya's stores. That distinct, sweet sauce used to cook the beef and onions is a taste that most Japanese people are familiar with.

Well, as it happens, the Yoshinoya store that opened in 1959 as the very first branch of the now giant beef bowl chain is located in the famous Tsukiji fish market, which is due to be relocated later this year. The current facility will be in use until November 2, after which time it will be shut down, meaning that Yoshinoya's first store will also be closing its doors with the 80-plus-year-old market.

Now, that's kind of a big deal, and the folks at Yoshinoya are honoring their first store location with a send-off via a special website counting down the number of days until the store's closing. The site shares information on the history of both Yoshinoya and its first store and also includes video of specially made commercials, which Japanese netizens particularly seem to be enjoying.

There are four commercials that can currently be seen on the special countdown site, all featuring the Yoshinoya shop in the Tsukiji market and portraying a past era with a deep sense of nostalgia that apparently holds great appeal to the Japanese public. Some Yoshinoya fans are even claiming that this is the best promotional work ever produced by the chain.

source by japantoday
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