Yokohama Parade scheduled for May 4th

posted on February 17, 2016

The Yokohama Parade is scheduled for May 4th 2016 and gives travellers an excellent insight into Japan's unique culture.

The event begins in Yamashita Park and goes all the way up to Iseazaki-cho via the Red Brick Warehouse. There is much to see at the event, including the Super Parade, where there is a number of incredible floats and marching bands across the city's streets.

As well as this, there is a Kid's Parade for the young ones and a Super Exhibition including a number of performances. The event is full of the country's eccentric character and could offer a great introduction to the city.

While parades take place all over the world, they are done differently in Yokohama, where you can expect wonderfully over-the-top floats and participants wearing stunning costumes. It all makes for an unbelievable atmosphere that travellers will be sure to enjoy.

While the parade offers more than enough character, there are many attractions close by that are highly recommended for visitors, including the Red Brick Warehouse, where fantastic food can be enjoyed alongside some unforgettable shopping experiences.

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