Visitors hit another record high in April

posted on May 22, 2016

The estimated number of visitors to Japan in April jumped 18.0 percent from a year earlier to 2,081,800, breaking the record high of 2,009,500 set in the previous month, the Japan National Tourism Organization said Wednesday.

The rise reflected the growing popularity of trips to Japan during the cherry blossom-viewing season, the JNTO said. Also behind the brisk result were increases in international flights to and from Japan and the number of cruise ships visiting Japan, it added.

But the growth decelerated from the 31.7 percent surge in March, due partly to a string of powerful earthquakes in Kumamoto Prefecture and nearby areas in the Kyushu region since mid-April.

The disaster led to a decrease in visitors from South Korea to Kyushu, which is close to the country.

source by the-japan-news
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