Tokyo taxi firm applies to cut minimum fare to 410 yen

posted on April 5, 2016

Tokyo-based major taxi operator Nihon Kotsu Co. applied to the transport ministry on Tuesday to revise its minimum taxi fare to 410 yen for about one kilometer from 730 yen for 2 kilometers, hoping to attract demand for close-distance travel.

The move comes as the Japanese taxi industry is concerned that the planned consumption tax hike from 8 pct to 10 pct in April 2017 could accelerate a fall in taxi use.

According to Nihon Kotsu's application, it plans to charge 80 yen per 237 meters after the new minimum-fare distance of 1,059 meters. After some 2 kilometers, fares will reach the current bottom price of 730 yen.

A revision to the minimum-fare distance would be the first since the current metered fare system was established in 1938, according to the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association.

source by jiji
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