Tokyo's Ota Ward starts accepting 'minpaku' applications

posted on January 31, 2016

Tokyo's Ota Ward started accepting applications for "minpaku" home rental business on Friday, when the municipality became the first in Japan to enforce an ordinance allowing such services amid an increase in foreign tourists.

As early as mid-February, Ota Ward is expected to give its first approval under the ordinance to allow services that make vacant rooms at private homes available as accommodations for travelers. It will take around two weeks to screen applicants, officials said.

The ward will check whether the rental rooms meet requirements related to floor space, locks and bedding. Minpaku rooms must also have a system that provides foreign-language evacuation information in the event of a disaster.

The first applicant was Sonosuke Mikuchi, president of online accommodation mediation service company Tomareru Inc., based in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward. The company will offer a single-family house and an apartment room.

source by jiji
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