Shinkansen trains get new security cameras

posted on February 24, 2016

Security cameras are being introduced in passenger seating areas of Shinkansen bullet trains between Tokyo and Osaka.

Trains operated by Central Japan Railway previously had 60 cameras only at the entrance doors and in hallways. The trains will now feature an additional 45 security cameras to monitor passengers.

The first fully equipped train went into service on Tuesday.

Last June, a man set himself on fire on a moving Tokaido Shinkansen train, killing himself and a female passenger. The incident led Central Japan Railway to become the first operator to constantly monitor and record activity inside the passenger seating areas.

Notices will be posted beside the cameras in consideration of passenger privacy and access to recorded video is only authorized for limited purposes.

Central Japan Railway plans to install the cameras in 90 percent of its train cars over the next 2 years, excluding older models.

source by NHK
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