Sanja festival kicks off at Asakusa Shrine

posted on May 16, 2016

The Sanja Matsuri, a symbolic festival of Tokyo that attracts more than 1.8 million people to the Asakusa district in Taito Ward, will be held from Friday.

The ritual event at Asakusa Shrine is normally held for three days starting on Friday in the third week of May. But the shrine and its supporting group decided to hold the event a week earlier than usual due to concerns over festival security, as the Metropolitan Police Department's focus will be directed toward the Group of Seven Ise-Shima Summit meeting on May 26-27.

The Sanja Matsuri will kick off at 1 p.m. Friday with its iconic Daigyoretsu parade. A 300-meter-long line of people, including steeplejacks singing a work song and women in geisha costumes, will be headed by floats carrying musicians that will parade down streets such as the Asakusa Rokku Broadway and Nakamise-dori.

From noon Saturday, Asakusa will be bustling with about 100 mikoshi portable shrines from local neighborhood associations.

The last day, Sunday, begins in the early morning with the main ritual event of Miya-dashi, in which the ujiko (local members of shrines) bring out three mikoshi portable shrines.

source by the-japan-news
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