Rainy season declared in central, western Japan, Kyushu

posted on June 6, 2016

The rainy season is believed to have started in central and western Japan as well as the southwestern main island of Kyushu, the weather agency said Saturday, warning of landslides in quake-hit areas of Kumamoto and Oita.

Rainy weather prevailed in the Kyushu, Chugoku and Shikoku regions Saturday and cloudy days are expected to continue for about a week in those areas plus the Kinki and Tokai regions, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The rainy season began four days later than average in southern Kyushu, one day earlier in northern Kyushu and Shikoku, three days earlier in Chugoku excluding Yamaguchi Prefecture, three days earlier in Kinki centering on Osaka and four days earlier in Tokai around Nagoya, the agency said.

This year's rainy season started in the southern island prefecture of Okinawa and Amami region in Kagoshima on May 16.

In Japan, the early summer rainy period typically lasts from early June to late July in most parts of the country except the northernmost main island of Hokkaido, according to the agency.

source by japantoday
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