New Haneda guide has tips for travelers on tight schedule

posted on March 6, 2016

Aiming to promote tourism in areas around Haneda Airport, an entity in Tokyo's Ota Ward is distributing a booklet offering advice on "things to do in three hours," including dining, shopping and soaking up Japanese culture.

The 12-page booklet, titled "Enjoy Program," was compiled by the Ota Ward Office's tourism promotion liaison council, which the office established together with public transportation companies, hotels and other organizations. "It introduces a number of lively towns and places where visitors can feel the warmth of residents," an official of the ward office's tourism division said.

The booklet only carries information about ward locations near the airport, making it ideal for airline passengers who have a little extra time before departure, as well as passengers making connections or taking early or overnight flights.

The booklet comes in three editions - Japanese, English and Chinese - of 20,000 copies each.

The English and Chinese editions introduce, for example, programs in which tourists can enjoy a tea ceremony or try on a kimono at the Ota Tourist Information Center in Keikyu Kamata Station.

source by the-japan-news
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