Volcano surveillance camera test starts on Mt. Zao

posted on January 18, 2016

The Meteorological Agency has started testing surveillance cameras on Mount Zao in northern Japan in hopes of monitoring volcanic activity in snowy conditions.

The agency decided to install cameras near active volcanos nationwide after many mountain climbers were killed in the eruption of Mount Ontake in September 2014. But heavy snow interferes with the cameras.

Agency officials on Sunday set up 5 types of test cameras equipped with devices designed to improve their performance in the snow. This is the first onsite test of its kind in Japan.

One camera is outfitted with a heater to melt the snow. Another has a lens cover that rotates periodically to remove build-up.

The cameras were assembled on a hillside at an elevation of 1,660 meters. The test is set to continue until April.

source by NHK
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