Mammal fossil skeleton from dinosaur era found in Japan

posted on June 26, 2016

A fossil skeleton that forms almost the whole body of a herbivorous mammal has been discovered from a Lower Cretaceous layer of earth of about 120 million years ago in Katsuyama, Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, it was announced Saturday.

It is rare that a fossil of a whole mammal from the dinosaur era is found, and this is the first such discovery in Japan, according to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum and Fukui Prefectural University, which announced the finding.

The fossil skeleton was discovered in June 2014 by Kakeru Funato, then an elementary school fourth-grade boy, who was attending a fossil excavation event in the Katsuyama Dinosaur Forest Park.

A computerized tomography examination by the museum and the university found that it is the skeleton of a small grass-eating mammal from an extinct group called Multituberculata, which has similar characteristics to Rodentia.

source by jiji
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