Luxury sleeper train Seven Stars rolls again in quake-hit Kyushu

posted on May 7, 2016

Kyushu Railway is resuming tours on a luxury sleeper train following last month's deadly earthquakes in southern Japan, which closed part of the route.

The Seven Stars restarts service Saturday with revised routes, after service was suspended April 16 amid continuing aftershocks. The "cruise train" takes passengers to tourist destinations on the island of Kyushu. Two-day, one-night trips are available on weekends, with a four-day, three-night tour offered from Tuesday to Friday.

Both options had offered sightseeing around Mount Aso. But parts of the Hohi line, which runs past the volcano, were heavily damaged by debris slides and remain closed indefinitely.

As an alternative, JR Kyushu will offer a bus trip to the city of Yanagawa as part of the four-day option, with dining at a restaurant famous for its eel cuisine.

source by nikkei
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