Kyoto promoting hot springs as additional tourist attraction

posted on January 31, 2016

Kyoto is promoting an additional attraction little known to date - onsen, or hot springs.

The city of Kyoto has 15 sources of hot springs featuring hydrogen sulfide, natural radium and other ingredients, and there are a total of 22 spa resorts, according to the municipal government.

As the presence of hot springs in the ancient capital of Japan has been little known to date, 18 spa facility operators founded an association under the city office’s leadership in November 2015 in a bid to lure tourists.

The association has started preparations to launch its website and make brochures to introduce the member facilities and hotels as well as access maps to hot springs to relax in after sightseeing.

As hot springs in Japan are becoming popular with tourists from abroad, the association plans to offer related information in English on its website.

Satoshi Kondo, manager of a hot spring inn called Kurama Onsen, in Sakyo Ward, appreciates the association because the individual promotion of services by hotels and other facilities was “limited in terms of both cost and scale.”

Tomoko Sakane, section chief for the promotion of Kyoto’s dietary culture at the city office, said there are many spa resort facilities not only for overnight guests but also day-trippers.

source by japantimes
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