Kyoto State Guest House to be open to public through year

posted on March 8, 2016

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has unveiled a government plan to open the Kyoto State Guest House to the public throughout the year in a bid to further promote tourism in Japan.

During his visit to the guest house in Kyoto on Sunday, Suga also clarified that the government will examine the idea of expanding public access to other state-managed cultural assets in the historic city, including the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Katsura Imperial Villa.

"We will boldly open the doors of facilities full of historic, cultural and traditional features, so more Japanese people and foreign visitors can find Japan attractive," Suga told reporters.

The Kyoto guest house, which has been used to treat important foreign figures, is known for traditional Japanese architectural designs and an authentic Japanese garden, as well as furniture and interior decorations using Kyoto's "Nishijin-ori" gorgeous fabrics and the "makie" traditional lacquer work technique. The facility has been only open to winners of a drawing during a limited period in the summer.

source by jiji
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