Japan to set up new national park in Okinawa

posted on March 1, 2016

Japan's Environment Ministry plans to set up a new national park in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, the country's southernmost prefecture, it was learned Saturday.

Through the move, the ministry aims to beef up the protection of "Yanbaru kuina," or Okinawa rail, an endemic bird species at the high risk of extinction, and one of the nation's biggest subtropical evergreen forests in the area, informed sources said.

The ministry hopes to make a decision in July, after receiving a report from the Central Environmental Council, which advises the environment minister. The area, tentatively called "Yanbaru National Park, will be Japan's 33rd national park.

Part of the Okinawa Kaigan Quasi-National Park, which extends along the coast of the Okinawa main island, will be included in the planned 17,300-hectare national park, according to the sources.

source by jiji
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