Japan to OK low taxi starting fare of 410 yen in Tokyo

posted on June 6, 2016

Japan's government is seen approving the introduction of a taxi starting fare of around 410 yen for about one kilometer in some Tokyo areas, against the current 730 yen for 2 kilometers, officials said Saturday.

The new fare, expected to win transport ministry approval as early as spring 2017, will cover the busy 23 wards in central Tokyo and the cities of Musashino and Mitaka in the western suburbs, the officials also said.

The ministry will begin screening applications for the new starting fare as applicants together control more than 70 pct of all taxis operating in the areas, the level at which the ministry starts examining applications for taxi fare revisions.

Major operator Nihon Kotsu Co. has applied to set its starting fare at 410 yen for 1.059 kilometers. Other taxi firms followed suit with similar applications.

source by jiji
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