Japan is getting its first full-scale Legoland amusement park

posted on May 22, 2016

On their travels across Japan, many people skip right by Nagoya, which is kind of a shame. Sure, the capital of Aichi Prefecture may not be able to match the limitless variety of Tokyo or the historical pedigree of Kyoto, but Nagoya has its own set of attractions, such as a beautiful castle and the best chicken wings in the country.

Plus, come next spring, Nagoya will have something nowhere else in Japan does: a Legoland theme park. Yes there are already Legoland Discovery Centers in Tokyo and Osaka, but those are modestly sized indoor facilities attached to shopping malls. Nagoya's Legoland will be a full-scale outdoor amusement park like those in Denmark and the U.S.

Currently under construction in the city's Minato Ward, Nagoya's Legoland is scheduled to open next year on April 1.

source by japantimes
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