'Graffiti Temple' in Kyoto, where visitors are encouraged to deface the walls

posted on February 6, 2016

It's quite normal to hear news of someone graffiting pieces of world heritage and feel a sense of outrage, but Kyoto's Tandenan Temple actually encourages such scrawl. Our writer Masami grabbed a sharpie and went to check it out.

As she approached the temple gates, Masami couldn't help but wonder if the rumors about Tandenan allowing people to write on its walls were really true. However, when she arrived, true enough a stone monument greeted her with a message that read: "Graffiti Temple Tandenan."

Apparently, they've gotten used to incredulous visitors by now.

The head priest at the time was renovating the Daikokudo and many local people came to help. In return, he said they could write their biggest wish on the wall for Daikoku-sama to answer, and so the tradition started.

When writing on the walls, you're asked to donate 300 yen (US$2.60).

source by rocketnews24
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