Expressway in quake-hit Kyushu reopens

posted on April 29, 2016

One of the major expressways in Japan's earthquake-hit southwestern region of Kyushu fully reopened on Friday.

Parts of 7 expressways in Kyushu were closed due to mudslides and cracks in the road caused by the series of quakes that started on April 14th. The off-limits stretches totaled nearly 600 kilometers.

All but 2 of the closed sections have since been reopened thanks to reconstruction efforts.

On Friday morning, one of the remaining 2 stretches, which runs 23 kilometers between the Ueki and Kashima interchanges in Kumamoto Prefecture, reopened. The full length of the Kyushu Expressway is now available for vehicle traffic for the first time in 15 days.

source by nhk
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